DigiPrint was established in 1994 and has been engaged in commercial printing.

We have started to develop an online printing platform and a complete set of logistic systems as early as 2002. It was officially launched in 2003. Customers can print files directly to our server, and then use the online system to place orders, which is very innovative. Helpless at that time, the economic environment deteriorated, new technology was difficult to change customers’ dependence on traditional methods, the number of orders was small, and the lack of investors, the plan could only be defeated.

The rapid rise of online shopping in recent years and the rapid increase in the number of users have shown that the public has confidence in virtual services and is even more expectant about virtual services. Therefore, DigiPrint hopes to rewrite the old concepts into a cloud printing website today, and implement a systematic management model based on information technology to provide printing manufacturers and users with a convenient platform to handle all printing operations.